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これは、それが私たちを取るようになってきた到着している蒸気の波である image


Testing the Reflexes of Seven Kittens


a national hero


a national hero


So the Dashcon story thus far is this, according to on-site witnesses:

A bunch of Tumblr kiddies all got rooms in the same pre-booked hotel, which the Dashcon staff supposedly had a verbal agreement with the staff of to pay them after the con, but the hotel contract said before.  Thus, the Dashcon attendees and other various Tumblr sundries scraped seventeen thousand dollars together in like an hour (without any verification of whether or not the Dashcon staff actually needed the money or whether they were just scamming a bunch of kids), donated it to the hotel’s PayPal (which confused the fuck out of the hotel staff), and are currently protesting in the hotel’s lobby by singing Les Miserables songs to a bunch of underpaid and exhausted hotel employees with no control over the situation.

Leave it to Tumblr users to conduct the single most embarrassing fan convention in world history



When I get bored, I start thinking weird thoughts.

Like, “what if, instead of classic inspirational quotes, Zen Pencils made dynamic comics around dril tweets?”

Original comics/art by Gavin Aung Than

Words by dril


JoJonium 4 - Hirohiko Araki Speaks About Character Creation - Jo


TL note: Sorry for the huge delay between the second and third installment (it was and is still convention season). It’s hard to fully convey how jovial Araki writes in these blurbs but it’s pretty funny so see him talking about serial killers in his usual playful tone. 

Viz announced a domestic release of Jojonium at AX this year (first volume should be out in February 2015!) I highly recommend buying them when they come out because they will have all the color pictures and will possibly even be hardcover!



Birthday: September 27, 1920
Height: 195cm (6’4)
Weight: 105kg (231lbs)
Horoscope Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Nationality: British

"Joseph as a character is B.T. + Stallone"

JOJO: the main character of the story shifted from the first generation, Jonathan Joestar, to the second, Joseph Joestar. In retrospect, I get the impression that a lot of people think the two of them look almost identical. The thing is, at the time it was being serialized, it was unthinkable to let the main character die in a Weekly Shounen Jump series. From the readers’ perspective, a different main character makes it a completely different series. It was a difficult hurdle to overcome. Then the thought occurred to me, maybe I should change his personality without changing his appearance. And that’s why Jonathan and Joseph look so similar. But, as I draw each successive JOJO now that we’re in the 8th installment of the series, the fact that there’s no difference between the first and second generation… is actually rather painful for me (lol).

As I mentioned when I talked about Jonathan: Jonathan is the white to Dio’s black. I guess he’s not really a terribly interesting main character because he’s so passive. Joseph, on the other hand, is more active and easy to understand as a character––that was sort of Eureka moment for me. I think letting Joseph drive the story on his own turned him into quite the adventurous scamp. In contrast to the gentlemanly Jonathan, Joseph prioritizes winning over all else in battle or play. He does shady things without batting an eye. In less charitable terms, he has the personality of a swindler. My intent wasn’t to distance him from Jonathan in that respect, but to put the focus on a battle of wits rather than a battle of brawn like in Part 1.

At the time, I wanted to make Joseph a shounen manga character who was sort of an extension of my other work, “Magical Boy B.T.” Basically, Joseph uses underhanded tricks and his intellect to win. I also wanted to make him a character that’s more than just perseverance and guts. That’s what made it so easy to flesh him out with memorable trademarks like his, “your next line will be…” gimmick when he predicting his opponent’s next phrase. In simpler terms, Joseph is a buffer B.T. I put B.T.’s mind into Stallone’s body and boosted his vivacity to make him a cheerful guy.

After Part 2, Joseph connects the Joestar bloodline to Part 3 and Part 4. I made Jonathan die in Part 1 for the sake of the story, but Joseph? That would be unthinkable. I think if I had known I would be able to go up to Part 8 at the time I was drawing [Part 2], I would have probably made him look a little different visually. 

Q: Why does Joseph have a hat and goggles?
A: They’re icons to differentiate him from Jonathan. 
During the time Part 2 [is set in], there were planes and motorcycles that added a ‘mechanical’ feel, so I gave him a pilot hat with goggles.



Send your armies, there’s no man or machine
Who can stop me, and you’ll soon see
I come for vengeance, for the first son of Light
And I’m ready and I’m willing and I’m prepared to fight

-The Protomen, ‘Vengeance’

Believe me when I say, if this could end today
I’d do it, I would
For his crimes, should his life I take?
Does that mean no man or machine can learn from his mistakes?

-The Megas, ‘I Refuse (To Believe)’

My father’s words (Your father loved you)
He still believes? (His heart was broken)
His only weakness (His greatest strength!)
Now we will see (You are not evil)
If they will stand (You are not broken)
Beside their hero (We both know they’ll never fight!)

-The Protomen, ‘The Sons of Fate’

I had a name, my father called me Blues
He tore my heart from my chest to give to you
I’m not broken, I’m not the Breakman
I was the first: I am the Protoman!

-The Megas, ‘I’m Not The Breakman’



Mojo Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is such a good anime